Published: Two Stories on Story Mirror

Dear Readers,

I’d like to share the news of the publication of two of my stories on Story Mirror.

The first is – The Human Museum (Dystopian Fantasy)

The second is – It Started With a Crash (Romance, Tragedy)

Now some of you may remember reading It Started With A Crash about a year back. It is a pre-published work.

But the Human Museum is a brand new, previously unpublished work that is exclusively available on Story Mirror. It’s set in a dystopian world where animals have taken over the earth and humans are subjected to the same treatment that we subjected them to once. Whether you think its fair or not, I leave it upto you to decide.

The Human Museum is my entry for Story Mirror’s Fiction Writing Competition. Please vote for it, comment and share. I rely on your love and support.

Thank you so much for your time!

Below are a few lines from the story –


“Look, Baa, it’s a human!” She pointed an excited finger at a glass enclosure partitioned into several chambers that showcased a different race of human exhibit in each one. Her tiny finger pointed at the woolly, old thing in the third chamber.

Baa peeled her eyes off the exquisite Kalamkari piece she was looking at and trained her eyes at the source of Shepiro’s two-year-old delight. “Oh yes, fascinating, isn’t it?” She crouched down to Shepiro’s eye level, cuddling her daughter as she settled back on her haunches.She smiled wistfully as she remembered the last time she had seen one of these creatures walking about, un-caged, like they were used to being.

Click here to read more: The Human Museum

Click here to read: It Started With A Crash

21 thoughts on “Published: Two Stories on Story Mirror

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    • Thanks a lot Shining Gem 😝 so glad you liked it. And yeah, vendetta is like that. But imagine if something like that came true, what would we humans do? All those species abating for our blood because we were unfair to them. I’d much rather die than face the ire of a thousand different species.


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