#CuttingPaani – An Initiative To Save Water

It’s that time of the year again in most parts of India when the sun boils your blood and even 5 minutes under the sunlight could feel like being pricked by a thousand needles. Summertime in India is nothing like the romantic summers that most from European and American nations long for. Indian summers could burn you to a crisp!

Naturally, our consumption of water spikes up too. We need long, cool baths to wash off the persistent sweat, coolers to be refreshed every day because they run nearly throughout the day, cold drinks loaded with ice cubes… I don’t know about you but I have a serious obsession with ice, and summer only means that every unused place in my freezer is always occupied by a container of frozen water.

But as much as we NEED water in this season, we waste much more than what we consume. By filling a whole bathtub of water that could give a bath to two more people plus you, or by taking a shower that wastes much more water than it washes off, or by filling your glass of water to the brim but consuming only half and tossing out the rest, we are only exacerbating the shortage of water and putting more stress on a resource that is fast depleting at an alarming rate. 

Livpure, a leading manufacturer of Water Purifiers in India, is running a campaign –#CuttingPaani – in collaboration with IndiBlogger, aiming at bringing more awareness to this issue with the help of bloggers. You might argue that it’s ironic that a Water Purifier manufacturer, machines that waste a lot of water, is running this campaign, but I only see this as a community effort to bring awareness to this issue.

Yes, water purifiers waste a lot of water, producing nearly triple the amount of wastewater against the amount they purify, but there’s something you can do about it

  1. Take only required quantities of water. You can always take more if you still need more of it, but don’t toss the remaining water into the sink.
  2. Keep your water purifying unit switched off when its tank is full. This is because if you keep it running, it purifies and produces waste water even when the tank is full.
  3. Collect the wastewater in a bucket and use it to water your plants or for mopping the floors. I have done this every summer for the past three years, besides keeping my unit switched off when I have enough water. I know you may have concerns about how wastewater from a purifier is high on TDS content, therefore don’t use it for things like bathing, washing your dishes or clothes. But mopping the floor or cleaning your vehicles is just fine.
  4. If you can, create a reservoir of this water that can be diverted to toilet flushes or just fill up a bucket and keep it in the bathroom.
  5. When you need to drain the water tank in a purifier, consume it or use it for cleaning instead of just letting it drain out into the sink.

These small changes could lead to much savings. Water is a replenishable resource only when there are resources left to replenish it. Let’s help this planet and help ourselves by being a replenishable resource.


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18 thoughts on “#CuttingPaani – An Initiative To Save Water

  1. I keep running here and there switching off the fans and lights which were on unnecessarily… except my laptop’s switch…😂

    I keep shouting at people (wife mostly) for letting the water run from the tap.

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  2. khubsurat sandesh …..pahle ham kisi prakritik chij ko dushit karte hain phir use shuddh karne men use barbaad karte hain………nischit paise hain to ham kuchh bhi kharid sakte hain…..magar barbaad karne ka haq hamara kattayee nahi……..jaise bhi ho sansaadhan ko bachaayen……dusron ke sang kal hamko bhi kaam aayega.

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    • Bilkul Sahi likha hai apne Sir. Manushya is dharti pe sabse bada bojh hai kyunki hum kitna prakriti se lete hain utna prakriti ko dete nahi. Hume bas lena aata hai. Lekin isi lene ke lalach mein ek din aisa aayega jab lene ke liye kuch bachega nahin. Aisi naubat aane se pehle hum jitna bacha sakte hain toh bhala he hoga

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      • bilkul sahi kaha……aap jaise kuchh log hain…..yaa yun kahen ki unme ham bhi hain……jo jarurat ke mutabik kisi bhi saman ka estemaal karte hain…..aur koshish karte hain ki prakriti ko nirmal banakar rakhaa jaaye….jagruk karne ke liye dhanyawad.

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