Mirror tonight show me not
My own reflection.
My tired visage seeks
A change
From melancholia that blights
My sunken cheeks
And has settled itself
In the hollow of my neck.

Mirror tonight haunt me not
With irises darkened from pain
This shroud that hangs loose
In folds around my bones
Feels like foreign skin
That I long to kick away.

Mirror tonight have mercy
Show me a distant dream
When mirth danced on my tongue
And life coursed through my veins.
Show me those dreams
Untempered, untamed
By the caprice of time;
Show me what I could have been
Show me a lie.

Oh, just for tonight mirror
Show me not the truth;
Or here I fling a stone into you
Broken, be you, just as I feel within too.


Copyright Β©2018 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Source: Pinterest

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