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“She’s my bitch!” 

“Yo wassup dawg?!”

If you’ve been around in the world (of course you have) you’ve heard the above statements that have become a sort of fashion statement these days. ‘Hip’ girls and boys referring to their friends or their boyfriends/girlfriends thus and without any qualms too. Note that the intent in the above two statements is not to ridicule or slander, but to express affection for a friend instead. I don’t know when and how this started but weren’t those two words supposed to mean an insult? At least I would be very offended if someone called me a bitch. I don’t suppose this shift in how we perceive these cuss words came about because our generation was suddenly swayed by a sense of brotherhood for our canine friends. Nope! But used affectionately or in a derogatory way, the context doesn’t make their usage any less offensive…

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  1. Oh you’re just a boring old auntie that thinks everything is wrong with the present generation. 😁

    Seriously though, I agree with your point about sarcasm. Only in India is it looked upon as “cool” while every other culture perceives it as the spoken word of a sociopath.

    To be honest though, I too use a bit of profanity, especially with close friends or when I stub my toe or while mouthing off an uncouth shopkeeper/the like, but I never do so in front of a gathering of people, or in a professional context. For example, you’ll never find foul language in my write ups, in fact, the only time I used the word bitch was to refer to a female Dogg.

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    • I appreciate the candour and I too admit that I use cuss words when I’m really mad but never when I’m in the midst of people who aren’t my best buds or closest family. I don’t get why suddenly people have taken to calling their friends by animal names. It doesn’t make sense. To be honest it sounds very uncultured!

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  2. I grew up listening to lots of rap and hip-hop so I’m quite used to certain words in English language. But I really wonder when and how these words entered our lives. There were some Bollywood movies which made these words cool. I know couple of guys who just can’t converse without using abusive word. In general, we are moving towards a casual society which should explain why we dress up in jeans even in the workspace. I don’t​think we’ll be back to the old days when decorum was demanded everywhere.

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