Life = Strife

Some people complain
How their lives are
An endless array of periods of strife;
How they want different,
How they can’t cope anymore,
How they feel browbeaten, tired.

Life is just that –
A series of tides.
It’s battling something or the other
Either on the winning or on the losing side.
None is a winner all the time
None the loser all the while.

Some problems seem big,
Some problems seem small.
To both the old and the young
Their problems seem like an unyielding wall.
But when you keep trying
You’ll have answers to them all.

You can either count your blessings
For all the joys in your life,
Or weep bitter tears
Over the failures on your side.
But in the end be grateful
That you’re still alive.
Or take a knife, plunge it deep
And end your strife.


Copyright ©2018 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Featured Image: Pinterest

12 thoughts on “Life = Strife

  1. Yes, depending on people’s perspective, they can feel puzzled or pummeled by the paradoxes of life. I really feel for those, who, due to deep problems in their brain chemistry, are so diminished in their freedom to choose.

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