It’s Vacation Time!

Hola Folks…

This is to inform you that the Pradita Chronicles will not be publishing anything for a while.

April for me is going to be a busy, busy month involving lots of hosting, travelling and lots of catching up with friends and family. Therefore, the writing will be in short supply. I will probably post something if I have the absolute urge to share, but judging by my last month’s posting history and the terrible, terrible Writer’s Block that has wrecked my brain, it looks like I may have nothing to share. Hopefully, a writing hiatus will take care of this brain-freeze and I will return to you with fresh ideas and new stories.

I shall still be reading your work and appreciating it too, so I won’t entirely fall off the map. Also, I’ll still be posting about my stories being published on Story Mirror. So please head to the link provided in those posts and read, like, comment and share the stories.

I’ll also keep posting pictures and my two cents on ‘stuff’ (whatever happened to my internal dictionary. This is a definite sign of writer’s block) on my Instagram account and my Twitter handle. So if you haven’t followed me yet, click on the links above.

Summers are mostly about vacations – from school, or college, and for some, from work.  I hope that your summer goes well and that you enjoy your vacation with your loved ones. Or even if summers are going to be about work for you, I hope you rock your workplace.

See you all sometime later. Au revoir!

Featured Image – © Pradita Kapahi, 2017.

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