We Are The World Blogfest: The Scribe For The Differently Abled

In the 12th month of the We Are The World Blogfest and on the occasion of Good Friday, I couldn’t be more happy to introduce you to a story of grit, humanity and kindness, all of which #WATWB stands for. #WATWB has introduced me to some valiant souls who, inspite of the odds, have not only made their own destinies but have helped shape those of others as well.

This month’s kind co-hosts are –   Belinda Witzenhausen,  Sylvia McGrath, Sylvia Stein  Shilpa Garg and Eric Lahti.

When she was a student herself, NM Pushpa Preeya was thrown out of an examination hall because she could not afford the tuition fee for the school. She was able to study further only because of the help of some kind souls. This kindness shaped and fueled her desire to be of service to others as well, and now Pushpa Preeya is a scribe for differently abled people, meaning thereby that she writes exam papers for people who cannot write because of some physical disability.

She’s only 30 but she’s already been doing this for the past 10 years and has written as many as 657 papers for aspirants to Universities, banks, board exams students and PG scholars. She morphs into their eyes, ears and writing hands and even though writing a paper for someone else takes a huge amount of patience, she perseveres, with the result that those she has helped out have not only become grateful to her but have now moved to better things in their lives and careers.

Here is the link to the full story.

I applaud her perseverance and compassion. I cannot imagine how much patience it must require to write an exam paper for someone else who is only capable of speaking his answer to the scribe. While one is writing, thoughts come out in a jumble and are given shape only by the writing. But this requires coordination between one’s thoughts and one’s hand. Pushpa Preeya obviously is devoid of this coordination which is why she cannot afford to write like an automaton. She must also have to apply a lot of diligence and her own discretion in how the answer must shape up to give the scholar’s thoughts coherence on paper. It requires tremendous effort which is why I wanted to share this story with you, because she is not only just doing charity, she ensures that her charity and labour are worth something. Kudos to people like her!

I hope this story has galvanized you into doing your own kind and compassionate deeds. One way of doing so is signing up for #WATWB. Click on this link to enter the name of your blog and make sure you read the guidelines for the participants.

Have a Great Weekend and Wishing you a Blessed Good Friday.



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10 thoughts on “We Are The World Blogfest: The Scribe For The Differently Abled

  1. What patience! For such a young person, she’s done so much. That’s complete commitment. Her comment about sometimes having to repeat an exam question 30-40 times to make sure it’s clear—those people must feel so loved and cared for.

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  2. Sorry I missed this before. We just never know what prevents people from getting ahead, studying etc. When I was finishing school a family tragedy meant my results were poor. Due to someone advocating for me I got a conditional entry to uni and completed my then first degree. People who help others access education are an especial gift. Thanks for sharing and supporting our WATWB.

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    • I didn’t know this and after reading this my respect for you and your achievements has increased manifold. Aid for education is a blessing, it’s true. But people like you and she who believe in returning to the society what they once received are rare indeed. Kudos to you!

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