For The Ants: Published on Story Mirror

So how are we doing this fine April morning? Is it hot yet in your part of the world? Or are you still in bed because it’s still too cold to step out of the comfort of a cosy bed? (For some in the world summers STILL means snow and cold) Either way, I feel ya! I’m sitting here in my raggiest of PJ’s and tank-top, the fan overhead is whirring at top speed and I can still feel sweat running down my sideburns. Ugh! This is what I hate about summers – sweat. Everything else is fine by me, even the blazing sun that prickles like needles poking through your skin. I just don’t want sweat though.

Anyway, summers and sweat aren’t what I wanted to write about in this post.

A new story of mine has been published on Story Mirror.

For The Ants!

It’s about two village girls in pre-independent India who come face to face with class oppression and the Zamindari system then prevalent in India. 

Please show this story your love and support by clicking on the link above and liking it on my Story Mirror profile.

Thank you and have a great, non-sweaty day! ❤ ❤



7 thoughts on “For The Ants: Published on Story Mirror

  1. Bonjour ou bonsoir PADRITA

    La vie a grand besoin de respect et d’amour
    Il faut savoir donner pour mériter de prendre
    Ce qui nous est offert et savoir aussi le rendre
    Nous traversons, souvent, pendant notre vie
    Des tortueux chemins qui viennent nous surprendre
    C’est alors qu’il nous faut ouvrir nos cœurs et tendre
    La main à nos amis pour leur dire bonjour

    Belle journée ou belle soirée

    Bisous Bernard

    Liked by 1 person

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