Hello Again!

Dear Readers,

I’m finally back to my private space here and to you guys! Summer has started on a great note for me and I hope the same goes for you. The blog though is looking a little forlorn, what with posts and views falling down to a record low BUT I’m raring to go. So hopefully I’ll be regular with posts now.

How have you been?

What have you been up to?

Have you done anything new lately?

I’m curious to know. So even though I am trying to catch up on reading all your blogs, if I’ve missed out on anything, leave me a link below.

On another note, two of my stories have been published on Story Mirror. Here are the links to the two –

Burying The Childhood – A Coming of Age story of two friends who realise ‘family’ isn’t always what they were told it would be (Drama, Tragedy).

Something Broken – A funny conversation between a kid and his babysitter about something very unfunny (Comedy).

Please show these stories your love by liking, commenting and sharing them.

Also, I’ve discovered that some of you are also on Story Mirror as contributors. Those I could find, I’ve followed right back, but if I haven’t, please leave me a link below so I can follow you back. Click here to go to my Story Mirror profile.

Have a great weekend. B’bye!

Image Credits: Pradita Kapahi, 2017.



18 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. There are so many things that been happening in life and will write about them next week between good and bad to trying to sail with the flow. I will try to read the stories. Well! Winter is here and had some yummy Indian food, my over indulging day aaj πŸ™‚

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