Introducing – A Budding Poet

Dear Readers,

Tonight I’m posting two poems by a dear, dear cousin of mine, who’s more of a friend than just a relative. He’s a little shy when it comes to publishing his material. I have been trying to encourage him to write more often and perhaps, create a blog of his own. So far, I have only been able to exhort him to let me publish one of his poems, which I promptly did, in this post. But he did not let me publish his name back then.

Emboldened by your positive response, he conceded to letting me publish two more of his poems (published below). This time he has allowed me to publish his name.

Presenting – Nirmesh Lakhera 

A Sailors Story

Listen, ye all, to the sailors’ story –
A son, a brother, a father to a dory.
Sailing the oceans and the seas
To earn a living which is not at ease

The mighty ship where he stays
Is a home where he counts his days,
To come back to the family he loves
The father, the mother, the wife and his little doves.

He mans the bridge, he’s on the deck.
24/7 he keeps a check.
Aboard is the precious cargo they’ve to carry
To be timely delivered, rather than be sorry.

He toils in the heat of the room
Where all the machines puff and fume.
With Greasy palms and sweaty hands
He yearns for the day when he lands.

With money in his pockets, with dreamy eyes
He leaves the ship as he arrives,
To the land he has called his home
From the time he was born in the dome.

‘Where’s my gift’ the wife would cry.
The kid comes running ‘where is mine?’
He opens his bag and hands it out
“Surprise! Surprise!” As he shouts.

The days have gone, the time is near
That is the sadness he has to bear.
The phone keeps ringing, he picks up to hear,
‘Pack your bags!’ for the rest of the year.

‘Forget me not!’ Says he when he leaves,
To work again as he heaves,
His luggage, his burden and his glory.
Listen, ye all, this is a Sailors story.

 The Drop of Life

(The following was penned for a Blood Donation Camp he was asked to coordinate)

All it takes to be a man
Is to lend a helping hand
For a drop of life, all it is
To save a soul
From a deathly kiss.

Save the blue, donate the red
As many would have said
For a drop of life, all it is
To save a soul
From a deathly kiss.

Come as one, come as all
We have readied all the stalls.
For a drop of life, all it is,
To save a soul
From a deathly kiss.

The feeling is great
Once you donate
For a drop of life, all it is
To save a soul
From a deathly kiss

As a sailor, I feel I must
Give and share to build the trust
For a drop of life, all it is
To save a soul
From a deathly kiss.

Please, show this budding poet your encouragement and appreciation.  

Thank you so much and Goodnight!


Image: Pradita Kapahi, 2012.


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