I wish I could write today
Of a beautiful romance
Where the knight finds his maiden fair
And they live long, lost in love’s trance.

I wish I could write today
Of the gentle murmurs
Of a summer brook,
Where I spend a dreamy afternoon
Draped upon a hammock.

I wish I could write today
Of roses, peaches and lemonade,
And white sheets on green grass
And a picnic with my favorite lass.

I wish I could write today
A story in mystery steeped,
Where dragons and fairies
And witches and trolls
Bewitched the reader keep.

But as heavy a heart
And clouded a mind I have today,
It seems nigh impossible to do anything but refrain.
When the artist has died within you,
How do you then entertain?

Copyright Β© Pradita Kapahi, 2018.

40 thoughts on “Melancholia

  1. bahut hi khubsurat rachna……..mann bahut kuchh likhne ko kahta hai…..ham likh bhi paate hain……jab dimaag dil ki sune aur mann……un samvednaawon ko samjhe……agar kisi kaa dil samvedna nahi samajh sakta wah kaise likh sakta hai……….jab insaaniyat andar kaa mar jaaye phir aap insaaniyat ki baat kaise kar sakte hai.

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  2. I’m glad the first line is not the whole thing as you can write, and do so very well. I also like the stop-start rhythm of the poem. It flows and then stops, almost abruptly, like a bird that cannot take off and soar aloft, and words that begin to flow and then stop. Beautiful.

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      • Lol. Yes, your blog is one of the homey ones I often return to. Also, I just love poetry and how, at times, even the shape and flow of the poem reflect the theme it describes, as illustrated in this one of yours.

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        • Homey. Thank you. Thank you. I know you love poetry. You’re one of the best poets on WP I’ve across. But I can never review another’s work like you do. I just don’t know enough about poetry I guess. I’m learning from poets like you. So thank you for that too 😊

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  3. It sometimes happens when you are either too numb or totally blank to write anything. Beautifully expressed the state when you so want to write but the words just don’t come out.

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  4. Respected,

    The poem you wrote has been linked to our community blog β€˜Light’ Moon on Monday 14 May 2018. So Light Moon welcomes you heartily.Link means we will share a bit of your poem and a link to your blog on this blog so that readers can easily access your blog. We will present the links of three best poems each day to you on this blog. You are requested to go to the link given below. Thanks β€˜Eklavya’

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