Empty Bed

I shared your warmth
On my skin, on my bed.
That warm patch was comforting
When you lay sleeping
With your little hand curled
In my big one,

The warmth
And the smell of you
Seeped through my skin,
Drenched me
In your smiles;
Grew roots within.

But one day
You were just gone.
And now my heart
And bed look forlorn.
No warm patch,
Just an empty bed.
And the cold, clamping pain in my heart
Of your untimely death.

I co-sleep with my daughter and she has a habit of snuggling up to me in bed. I love the feeling of having her around while we sleep, knowing she’s safe with me. But last night, I woke up with a start and when I groped in the dark, I couldn’t find her. Has she fallen off the bed; has she walked off to some other room? I kept groping even as these thoughts started to emerge but within seconds I found her at the very edge of the other side of the bed.

Relief swamped me as I pulled her back to me, but that fleeting moment when I couldn’t find her was tortuously long! She had already snuggled upto me, unbeknownst to what she had caused. It’s then that it occurred to me that somewhere some hapless mother’s hands may have groped in the dark chill of the night in hopes of finding that familiar warmth and found emptiness instead.

My heart goes out to such mothers. It’s to them that I dedicate this poem.

Your loss is huge and though there may be others who’s warmth you will come to share in time, that loss is irreparable.
Even if I don’t know you, know that I feel for you.


Copyright ©2018 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Source: congerdesign

24 thoughts on “Empty Bed

  1. WOW! You penned it so beautifully, di..And quite relatable it is as my sis moves a lot while sleeping and I have to look after her several times.

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  2. BONJOUR ou BONSOIR avec Du Bonheur PADRITA

    Le bonheur se lit dans les cœurs
    L’amour s’écrit avec toujours
    La gentillesse est une caresse
    L’amitié, que de la bonté
    La présence source d’indulgence
    La tendresse est une richesse
    Que l’on a au fond de son coeur
    Sachons cultiver ce bonheur
    Passe une belle et agréable journée ou soirée
    En ce jour qu’il soit plein de joie et de la bonne humeur
    Gros bisous


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