WATWB: Humanity Before Religion

It’s the last Friday of this month and that brings us to the 14th instalment of the We Are The World Blogfest. Last month I couldn’t participate because I was travelling, but this time I’m back to help spread the light. For those of you who are reading about WATWB for the first time, this is an initiative to help spread love, brotherhood and compassion in a world that is alienating itself from our human roots.

Our kind cohosts this month are –

  Shilpa Garg, Inderpreet Kaur UppalPeter NenaAndrea Michaels, Damyanti Biswas. 

Should you like to participate in this noble initiative, please head to this link and enter your blog’s name on the Linky List. Follow the instructions provided and from then on share your story of goodwill and compassion with us every last Friday of the month. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make a change in the world.

This month, I had something else in mind for WATWB, but when I opened the newspaper today, I read a heartwarming story of pure goodness and compassion. If you are a Times of India subscriber and have read the day’s paper, you will know what I’m talking about, but for those who haven’t, I’ll begin by reminding you that this is the holy month of Ramadan and every devout Muslim is observing the Ramzan fast this whole month. From what I have come to know from my Muslim friends, Ramzan fasting is very tough where observance demands not even swallowing one’s own spit, let alone food or water.

But one man put humanity ahead of religion and broke his fast to save the life of another. Jawed Alam of Gopalganj broke his Ramzan fast to donate blood to eight-year-old Punit Kumar who suffers from thalassemia and was rushed to a hospital because of a fatal drop in his haemoglobin. Kumar is A+ but the blood bank in the hospital had none, so Kumar’s father got in touch with a blood bank where Alam was listed as a member of the District Blood Donor Team. Alam didn’t hesitate in rushing to the hospital or in donating blood. He had to break his fast only because he would have to consume something after donation to regain his strength. He did it without qualms even though the hospital staff was unwilling to take blood from him. In an act of true compassion and humanity, Alam showed that following the path to God has nothing to do with being ritualistic, it’s about spreading the light, love, hope and helping your brethren in times of need.

Here is the link to the full story.  I hope this story has brought some light into your life, like it has brought hope to me. Remember that sometimes all we need is just one act of kindness or one good deed to turn the dark away.

Have a Happy Weekend!

Copyright Pradita Kapahi, 2018

22 thoughts on “WATWB: Humanity Before Religion

  1. “Alam showed that following the path to God has nothing to do with being ritualistic, it’s about spreading the light, love, hope and helping your brethren in times of need.”
    This summarises it very well. Alam’s understanding is deep. He is selfless. Thank you for sharing his story. I have learned something.

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  2. There is a quote that says kindness is the language even the deaf can hear…. very true Alam is a beautiful example of spreading love and light amidst darkness..

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  3. Hello Pradita,
    I happened to read the story in TOI. Such a heart-warming gesture.
    There is a saying to the effect that the best religious offering to god is a kind gesture to another human being.
    In that sense, that man did a very noble religious act during the holy month.
    – Pradeep

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