Two Poems

Friends on Facebook

I remember the time when I was a kid
Playing around until the sun had hid,
A bunch of buddies whom I’d call friends
Running with them was a day well spent.

Met some at school, some in college,
Each was different in their set of knowledge.
Each grew up, each grew old,
Each made a future, each went cold.

Years went by and nobody knew
Will there be a time when they would renew
Their friendship, their stories and their memories
From a time that was as pure as fairies.

It came with a bang, it made a sound,
Everyone I knew had already found
Their long lost friends through the net
‘Facebook’ was the name that I first kenned.

A wonder created by someone named “Mark”
Hailed by all as a shot in the dark.
To find a friend, the one love, or that crush
In school, at college who made us all blush.

As I sat down I wondered if I will
Find those kids who gave me the thrill.
Created my account and logged in
‘Friends on Facebook’ were somewhere within.

I found them there, I found them all
Some were same, some grew tall.
It made me smile, laugh and weep
To read their stories that didn’t let me sleep.

As I scrolled down it took me back
I found the guy who was ahead of the pack
Sitting in the US with name and fame
He’d made a ‘mark’ and found his game.

Then there was this boy all sporty and fit
We already knew where he would commit
With stars on his shoulders and arms to his side
He was a Major, to the men dignified.

And at that moment I thought I saw
The beauty who would draw all the awe
And awe it was still indeed
She was already a mother to Rhea and Rashid!!

As I was wondering about that nerd
Who used to vanish from the herd
I saw him gleam with his teeth so bright
A ladies man, alright, alright!!

My sleepy eyes were weighing down on me
There was one profile I wanted to see
Of a boy who was in the past
The childhood friend I found at last.

He became a sailor as I am
Made me happy, made me scream
To get in touch and let off the hook
Years of distance with ‘Friends on Facebook’.

Nirmesh Lakhera.

क्यों खालीपन दिखता है तेरे शोर में

एक खालीपन दिखता है तेरे शोर में,
तुम बदल मुखौटे आते हो,
पास आकर के मुस्काते हो,
आँखों में अश्क छुपा कर के,
तुम हम से प्रीत जताते हो,
सब दिख जाते गम छिपे तुम्हारे लोर में,
एक खालीपन दिखता है तेरे शोर में।।
तूने अबतक ना जाना,
ना हमको तूँ पहचाना,
क्या डर है तेरे अंदर,
दिल खोल हमें बतला ना,
जितना समझा तुमको बोला तुझे चकोर ने,
एक खालीपन दिखता है तेरे शोर में।।
ऐ प्रियतम क्या बतलाऊँ,
कैसे मैं प्रीत दिखाऊँ,
जब शोकहीन होते हो,
तब बढ़कर प्रीत निभाऊँ,
क्यों बिफर रहे चँदा तूँ बोल चकोर से,
क्यों खालीपन दिखता है तेरे शोर में।।

The above two poems are reblogs (in a way) of two talented poets that I have the good fortune to be associated with.

The first is by my cousin who’s poems I’ve published before too (read them here and here). This poem brought back memories of my own lost friends that social networking sites like Facebook (does anyone remember Orkut?) helped us find and reconnect with. Our digital lives today seem inconceivable without these virtual meeting hubs but there was a time when saying goodbye to a friend meant goodbye in the real sense of the word because we didn’t know whether we would ever see them again. But here we are…. God bless technology!

The other one was actually penned by Mr Singh after reading my own poem – This Is How I Love You, published here. If my poem expressed the resolve of a lover intent on worshipping his love inspite of her flaws, Mr Singh’s poem expresses the desperation of a lover who wants to see his beloved happy and free of all her insecurities. For those who can’t read Hindi, this poem is a lover’s heartfelt plea to his partner to open up before him. He wants to tell her that he knows she has her own demons who she’s been hiding and fighting, but he also wants her to know that he will be there to support her no matter what, if only she opened up to him. I found it a beautiful companion to my own work which is why I am publishing it here.

Thank you to both of them for allowing me to share their work. Hope you’ve enjoyed them too. Don’t forget to leave your encouraging or helpful remarks in the comments section below. 

20 thoughts on “Two Poems

  1. I really like what you have done here, Pradita, and in promoting Nirmesh’s and Madhusudan’s poems. I too recognise Nirmesh’s experiences on Facebook. It is lovely to hear them, especially in the wake of some rant posts and people, who are not our friends trying to contact us about inane or work matters. That was why I left Facebook for a while. Meanwhile, keep the poems coming please. 🙂 Sorry I’m so long between reads these days. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Simon. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience on Facebook. I completely get how irritating Facebook sometimes can be. I’ll try to keep posting Nirmesh’s pens as and when he comes up with something. And please don’t apologise for the long gaps. I’m grateful for the valued readership of friends like you 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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