Morning rituals

This picture describes my favorite morning ritual.

The first thing I do when the morning’s paper arrives is jump to the Sudoku page and mull over it with a cup of steaming, masala chai. The perfect way to beat the gloom of the Pune monsoon where the skies are overcast enough to make it feel like evening throughout the day. It’s almost as good a way to kick start your brain as the morning coffee or tea.

I remember when Sudoku puzzles had become all the rage in India back in the early years of the millennium. Even back then, the first thing I’d do in the mornings was steal the paper so none of my roommates could get to it before me, and solve all the quizzes.

It wasn’t like I wanted to compete. Still isn’t. I have no intention of ever competing with anyone but my own self. But I’m just so obsessed with solving these number puzzles that I scavenge for old newspapers too where I might have missed a puzzle! I even have a Sudoku app on my phone and that’s what you’ll catch me doing when I’m bored, or waiting.

Now the paper I subscribe to prints two puzzles, and after I’ve solved one, I promptly jump to the other one, putting a neat little check mark next to the solved ones, and heaven help those who cross me when I haven’t been able to solve it! How childish is that? šŸ˜…

And the funniest thing is – I suck at math. I suck to the extent that adding up single digits sometimes becomes a mental marathon. But I’m good at sudoku. Go figure!

So do you have a morning ritual? Are you a sudoku fan too? Write me your favourite parts of the day or what you do to kick start your day.

Have a great Wednesday!

30 thoughts on “Morning rituals

    • Haha. I bet a few years from now when my kiddo grows up I’ll be in the same boat as you. For now i enjoy my routine. Lets see how long I can carry on with this šŸ˜ƒ

      How have you been?


  1. I never had (nor do I have even now) patience to solve puzzles. In fact, I hate puzzles! šŸ˜œ Life is a big puzzle! I’m happiest with morning workouts, in any form. It is something that I have been regular with…. for years. My mind doesn’t need workout only the body! šŸ˜œšŸ˜‚

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  2. I really like sudoku as well. But I only do it occasionally. I find it very difficult to complete the ones classed ‘easy’, but generally get to finish them. It’s the ones classed ‘hard’ that are completely hopeless!

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  3. Pradita, I suck at maths and the thought of jumbled numbers early in the morning makes me feel nauseous or dizzy or both. But the masala chai sounds fabulous and I like the look of that cup in the picture. Plus, your posts make me laugh. Thanks. šŸ™‚

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  4. Sudoku was huge with my friends in Pune stealing my newspaper, TOI in those days at savera to play Sudoku. Morning ritual for me is reading in the company of chai and coffee. Love reading about your morning ritual, Pradita!

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  5. the hard one are really hard nut to crack….we invented zero….unfortunately they don’t use that….and for math haters, who run away seeing mathematical problems….this puzzle game is all about numbers….and there is no math involved in it….people can even choose alphabets from a to i….if they love English more….isn’t it?

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