Wait for me
In the morning dew,
Wait for me
Under the noon sun.
Wait when I’ve sung
The last song of eventide,
Wait when the rain
Bids us hide.
Wait when winter
Like mourning sighs,
Wait when spring teeters
Into summer bright.
Wait for me, lover,
Wait for me to fall again;
Wait for me to hope again.
And when my heart
Has made its amends,
When I know I can rely,
I’ll build my sandcastle
Upon thy shores
And then I’ll be forever thine.

These two drongos I came across on my morning walk, inspired this poem. I first spotted them huddled together on a barbed wire fence near my house. They were all puffed up, sitting close, braving the chilly morning. Then as I closed in on them, they flew away. I noticed one of them had suffered some damage to its tail. That’s how I knew they were the same pair that I spotted again, this time perched atop a rusted light pole. Then they flew off, together, to a tree, and then they just fluttered around happily in the cool breeze in circles.

It made me wonder how animals too need company and love just as we do. They must suffer heartaches, must mourn for their losses. Some of them mate for life, like pigeons and wolves. A life-mate’s loss must be an enormous strain on their hearts.

To lose someone you love is the greatest loss in life; in my opinion, a loss greater than the loss of life itself, because we are unaware of what goes on behind us when we shut our eyes to the world. And to find someone to love again when you’ve lost hope in love, is nothing short of a miracle.

This poem emanates from that sentiment. Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great day!


Copyright © 2018 Pradita Kapahi.

Image Source: Pradita Kapahi.

12 thoughts on “Sandcastle

  1. It’s still a question whether animals need company for survival or emotions? Humans have reached a stage where we don’t need company for survival in a limited sense.


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