Air, Water, Earth

Water, slick like oil,
Glistens like molten gold.
Snaking into cracks, crevasses,
Creeping into the stoic earth.

She trills along moss-kissed stones
Flounders into a bay,
And untroubled by sludgy sands of the delta,
To her sister, Earth, she says –

You may be solid and I may be slow,
But behold! I’m just as mighty as you.
I’ve carved out of your jagged bones,
Continents, mountains, valleys and more.

And you may feed those with mouths to feed,
But I’m the one who quenches their thirsts.
And you may be the one with the seed
But I’m the one that sprouts it to feed the millions.

And when you rage and hiss
Under the glare of our celestial father
in the heavens afar,
I’m the one that rains on you
Giving succour to the parched.

But when your creatures threaten
To skew the balance of life,
I’m the one that froths over them
In thunderous tides to hold them in line.

Then tell me why should you alone
Be ‘Mother’ Earth named?
And the earth, who thus far,
Had silently listened, spake
Through the tremors of a gentle quake –

Water dearest, I alone do not birth life.
You, faithful one,
Like our sister Air,
Must by my side abide.

While you quench thirst, aye, I quench hunger,
And faithful Air gives life to a bag of bones.
When you surge through knoll and hill
Our children call you their abode.

They breathe our sister through gills I gave them,
Air nourishes from within your own womb.
And when they meet their fated ends,
They crumble into my arms.

Just as the moon shines not without the sun,
And light would not exist without the dark,
Why when our tasks are alike,
Must we be made apart?

Air, Water, Earth
We’re all forms of The One,
The One who bids us nourish life,
Together till time is done.



Copyright ©2018 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Source: Pradita Kapahi


25 thoughts on “Air, Water, Earth

    • Ma’am, for some reason I’m unable to post a comment on your blog posts, so I’m replying here so you can read what I have to say about your reply to my comment on your post “Review of The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest” –

      “Yes monotony can kill the excitement of a new book. I look forward to reading your reviews on the books so I can decide if I have to read them or not 🙂 ”

      I was trying to post a comment on your article ‘Beat the Blues’ but everytime I would hit ‘post comment’, I would receive the message that I’m posting comments too quickly. I wonder why 😦


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