Disposable Girl

She was
that disposable paper cup
you use to quench your thirst with,
but wouldn’t keep next to your expensive china.
She was disposable.

She was
that summer fling
in a tank top and a racy bikini
who you took to your hotel room
but never to your parents.
She was easy.

She was
that bonus recharge coupon
you spent sexting with
but wouldn’t spend a penny buying flowers for.
She was cheap.

Now that disposable, easy, cheap girl is back,
no doubt, to be disposed of again,
but braving it all just for your single glimpse.

Because trusting someone isn’t easy;
she trusted you.
Because there’s nothing cheap about loving someone;
she loved you.
But mostly because for some
feelingsΒ can’t just be disposed of.
So while she is disposable to you,
she still isn’t over you.


Copyright Β©2018 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Featured Image: Pradita Kapahi.

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