60 Seconds Tales: Broken Record

I have steel in my veins. I have iron in my heart. I’m Iron Man. 

I repeat to myself like a broken record.

I’m pacing on the floor, going round and round and round and round…like a broken record. It’s a wonder my circumnavigation around the coffee table hasn’t burned a hole through the carpet yet, or activated my upchuck reflex.

Need courses through me again – wild, calamitous.

I have steel in my… Fuck it! 

I run to the refrigerator, breathe in the cold air swirling through the freezer and pull out that piece of heaven, its weight a comforting presence in my hand. Ripping the wrapper off I lose no time before biting into the double chocolate popsicle. My eyes flutter shut and I moan obscenely. Ugh, who needs drugs when you have this? 

My brain throws up an image of my weighing scales this morning. Guilt tastes sour, but chocolate tastes better.

Okay, only half of this. Promise.

I am two people inside one. One urges to nibble, the other, to devour like King Kong. King Kong wins. Two-thirds of it is gone already. In addition to being a superhero (more like super-zero) and a broken record, I’m also an ape.

You promised!

Oh but there’s only a third remaining. My two people argue.

I have steel in my…

Molten chocolate dribbles down my wrist. My brain short-circuits and King Kong strikes again.

Next morning my scales are merciless.

I transform into a broken record again. I have steel in my veins…

Ugh, or maybe just vinyl.

Copyright ©2018 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image: Hiob315 at Pixabay.

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