You Wish

Sometimes you wish
you could disappear
to another time,
to another place,
turn into
another person.

Sometimes you wish
life could be as easy
as making caricatures –
draw and erase,
go back to the drawing board,
start again.

Sometimes you wish and wish
but only wishes remain.

Copyright © Pradita Kapahi 2018.

22 thoughts on “You Wish

    • You’re right Arv but you’re right now speaking from an impersonal space. Hark back to the the times when your heart may have been broken, when you may have lost someone, like I recently did, and then these wishes feel like floating boats in the river of memories, that can float to the past and remind you of what you lost, or float to a non-existent present that could have happened; that you would have wanted to happen, but it didn’t. That’s why we wish. Because its the only thing you can do when you can’t have something. And yes, speaking purely logically, it makes sense to not dwell on what we couldn’t have, but then that’s why we’re humans

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