He says, I’m an ascetic.
Then molests a girl.
She says, gender equality.
Then whines over reservations.
He says, I want to change the world.
But he spits on the road.
She says, I’m not a faker.
But spends hours on photoshop.
They say, we want justice, peace.
They incite to break, maim, wage war.
We say, we hate liars.
We lie anyway. Everyday.
Did you say, we are a Democracy?
I say, a nation of hypocrites,
We are a Hypocrisy.

Copyright ©2019 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image: Pradita Kapahi.

14 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

  1. She says, gender equality.
    Then whines over reservations.”–
    You wrote well, very well. And these lines remind me of one thing today, I mean it may not be relevant, but I’ll just go ahead say it. People today say they want to equals, they want everything earned on their calibre, they don’t want poverty, they don’t to be named as low castes– and the list goes on, You might have understood what I want to say. And yet, the very ‘they’ want different reservations for schools, colleges, jobs!
    Hypocrites indeed!
    You make a great point here, Pradita!


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