Random Gyan #33|| The Right Company

Have you ever had that one friend, or several, who brighten up your day with their mere existence? A friend who would call you names on your face because they love you and you know that’s how they love you? A friend who you know you can call at three in the morning just to discuss what you can wear to your date with your new fella? Someone who knows you so well that she knows your reactions to a PJ, or to a song, or to a movie and warns you off them? Someone who is mostly a bitch, a slob, a horrible person, but definitely the best person in the world? Someone who is your ‘unconditionally’ just like you are her’s?

Hold fast. Hold hard. Friends don’t live forever. But friendships can.

Copyright © 2019 Pradita Kapahi.

Image Source: Pradita Kapahi, 2019.

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