Random Gyan #36: Light

Even the darkest of nights need just a little light.

Clearly Diwali is gone but not Diwali fever. This festival always brightens me up. It’s about family, it’s about love, it’s about celebrating the good in humanity and spreading happiness. Hope everyone had a good festive season. Here’s wishing you more light to brighten up your day. 😊 💕🌞

Copyright © 2019 Pradita Kapahi

Image: Copyright © 2019 Pradita Kapahi

9 thoughts on “Random Gyan #36: Light

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    • Congrats on the nomination and thank you for the nomination. You’re one of the rare few young people I know who ditch coffee for tea. Keep it up coz tea is healthier than coffee. I’m sure a coffee addict myself trying to get rid of it. Thanks again for the nomination but I’ve stopped doing award posts. That doesn’t mean however I don’t like reading about other people in their blog posts and I’m sure you’ll keep getting them. All the best 😊 💐


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