You, I, We and Maybe

Copyright Β© Pradita Kapahi, 2020

I don’t often come to WordPress anymore. But I’m mostly available on Instagram. Here’s the link to my handle. Look me up. Let’s start a conversation.

Stay indoors and stay safe everyone!

10 thoughts on “You, I, We and Maybe

  1. All thanks to the lockdown and A2Z, I’m visiting WordPress a lot these days. I’m kind of ignoring Insta. I’ve seen all your beautiful artworks and they look aamaaaazing. Hope you and your family are safe and well. Stay safe. Take care, Di.

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    • Thanks a lot girl. So you’re participating in the A2Z too? Good. How do u manage all that? I can’t imagine doing any solid writing these days beyond the snippets I sometimes post on Insta. I hope you and your family are doing well and that this virus dies away soon so we can all return to our real lives. Take care. Stay safe 😘 😘

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      • Yes, I’m participating this year after a break of one year! I missed out on a hat-trick 😭. Anyway, thanks to the lockdown, I have some time for A2Z. All my posts are one-liners, dear. So it does take long for me to come up with them. Just a single line, every day. Do drop by when you have time to spare. I can promise you that all the posts are one-minute reads. Maybe, even less! I thought of doing some solid writing initially but switched to One-liners at the last moment because of time constraint. (That, and I went into the challenge totally unprepared!!!)
        My family and I are apart at the moment. But we’re safe and well. Yes, hopefully, this too shall pass soon enough!
        Stay safe. Take care, Di. β™₯️😘

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