One locks away
Himself in fright.
Another trudges home
In futile flight.

One seeks shelter
By the side of the road.
Another tweets about him
From the window of his abode.

One rations food
For a family of ten.
Another hasn’t eaten
For days on end.

One, bored, plays games
With friends online,
While death toys with another
Left alone in quarantine.

One bristles over
Never-ending chores.
Another worries
If he’ll ever find work anymore.

One can’t find food,
Another can’t find a cure,
One has no time from errands
To think about the poor.

One ekes out a living,
Another is buying a hoard.
One can’t maintain a mansion
While another pleads
To an aloof landlord.

No one is wrong;
No one is right.
We all have different
Yet the same plight.

We may have
Diverse reasons to mourn,
But we’re all incarcerated
Within cages of our own.

Copyright © 2020 Pradita Kapahi

25 thoughts on “Cages

  1. Nice. There is a big difference between poor and rich and it is getting bigger and bigger. We can see this huge paradox in India. Riches have that much money that they can buy anything in this world while 19 crore (190 million) people sleep empty stomach every day in India.

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    • I agree with you. There is a disparity and no one is denying it but wenare all stuck in a very unfortunate time when help, like money too, is hard to come by now. Thanks for reading and sharing your views


  2. A unique take on the current situation. It is a beautiful piece accentuating your kind hearted and empathetic reflections and the stark irony of the times of quarantine.

    An insightful read!

    Stay safe!
    Stay happy and healthy!

    Enigma 🙂

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  3. Bonjour Amie

    J’ai un cœur, tout tendre qui bat
    Un petit cœur qui pourtant est grand comme ça
    Il y a toujours une place pour une personne

    Mon petit cœur est peux-t être fragile
    Il m’a dis un jour
    Que tu as réussi à trouver le mot de passe pour venir sur mon blog

    Que ce code n’était pas très compliqué
    Il est fait d’amour et d’amitié , de tendresse et de douceur
    Ce n’est pas parce que on ne se voit pas ,que cela n’existe pas

    Mon petit cœur te souhaite une bonne journée
    Un bon week-end
    Prends soin de toi, Bisous Bernard


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