© Pradita Kapahi, 2020

Sometimes relationships become all about give and take. Or just give and give. Or just take and take. Scriptures tell us that we must not desire, we must not expect. But is that achievable when you do something for someone?

Do you wish sometimes that what you did was not reciprocated in materialistic things, but in kindness and acceptance instead? And is desiring that, also a form of expectation that should be avoided?

Do you crave to hear ‘you’re enough for me’ or would you rather take that gift?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Hoping your day is going well.

23 thoughts on “Matter

  1. Expectations and desire are in-built in the human psyche, I guess. And as the poem says, we desire to matter to someone, maybe because we hope that’d add meaning to our lives, fulfill it.

    Lovely poem.

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  2. Let me see if I can say this the way I’m thinking it…. lol!

    Love comes from the heart. Are his gifts s manifestation of his heart or is he merely buying you with gifts!

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