Five Letters

It’s an underrated five-letter word
That you’ve been trying to compensate for
With gifts,
With holidays;
With a shrug of the shoulder.

You wonder why
They’re still aloof,
When you’ve moved on.
Why they still cling
To a grudge
Like lungs to a last breath.

What does it cost you to say it?
Is your pride
Larger than the size of them,
Deeper than your love for them,
Darker than the grey
Of a separation?

Do you not crave it
When someone
Shatters you to smithereens,
Reduces you to rubble,
Cuts you down to size?

Everyone wants
How do they let go then
When you won’t
Of just F.I.V.E. letters?

Darling, don’t be dumb,
Next time when
You know you’ve wronged someone,
Swallow the bitter pill of pride,
Say ‘sorry’ and put the past behind.


Copyright ©2020 Pradita Kapahi.

11 thoughts on “Five Letters

    • Yes, in those instances, like when you bump into someone, its used too much without appreciation of its true meaning. But when it matters, we humans cant get it off our tongues. Another strange thing about us humans, eh? Thank you so much dor reading 😊🙏

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Pradita, your words haunt, intense and wears a certain kindness translating imagination to power expression. Each one of it is so beautiful and deep yet makes it simple. Super love!

    Liked by 1 person

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