Copyright © 2020 Pradita Kapahi.

I know you get the urge sometimes to cry out, to vent. You seek an ear; any pair will do. The thing is the ears you crave are the ones that refused to hear you out in the first place. They are the source of your pain.

But any ear does not, in fact, do. Some will zone out in the middle of your monologue. Some will show you their watches instead. And yet some will brazenly tell you to ‘man up’, or ‘forget it’, or worse still, ‘its your fault’. These very ‘friends’ will grimace at the stains your tears leave on their shirts.

Has it happened to you? Of course it has. It has happened to me too.

Know your worth to those who surround you. #FriendsAreNotAlwaysFriends

Copyright © 2020 Pradita Kapahi.

11 thoughts on “Worth

  1. Absolutely true, not everyone is allowed to walk past your gate and only You have every right to hold forte. Every word sparkles a truth and therapeutic making it an integrated part of the self. Superb Pradita.

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