When your self-worth comes
From what others think of you,
You’ll always feel UNWORTHY
Because they don’t really know you.

They dont know what ticks you off,
What makes you laugh.
They know just what they think they see.
But is their VERSION who you really ought to be?

Self-worth isn’t about worshipping yourself,
By causing MISERY to another.
Neither is it about torturing someone
Just so they SERVE you better.

What it is about
Is to play to your STRENGTHS;
To know you have weaknesses,
To improvise, but for your failures
To FORGIVE yourself.

It is all about telling the world
That you may give your time
But your time ‘BELONGS’ to no one else.

SELF-WORTH and self-love
may have a few other names,
Is never one of them.

Let no one tell you that they feel
You should be different when
The truth is ONLY YOU know
who’s the best version of yourself.

Copyright Pradita Kapahi, 2021


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I have been forced to convert a private Instagram handle to a business one for the purposes of sharing my writing, poetry, reviews.

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6 thoughts on “Self-worth

  1. The truth is ONLY YOU know! How true and beautifully said. Every word weaved is worth gold Pradita and inspires us to be amazing. True, nobody knows our struggle. You are such an uncredible talent.

    Liked by 1 person

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