Random Gyan – Disagreement

Have you ever been victim to this prejudice? When all you did was say no, and you went into the proverbial bad book? When all you did was stand up for yourself and you were termed selfish? When all you wanted to say was – I’m sorry but I don’t agree with you – and you were admonished for thinking too highly of yourself. Disagreeing, saying no when you want to and being different are never things you should apologize for. Let no one tell you that you don’t have the right to be different than them.

4 thoughts on “Random Gyan – Disagreement

  1. I did Pradita and there have been countless times. The victim shaming and me also on the wrong side falling prey to in taking things wrongly. So many things can explain the entire thing and you absolutely right. I plan to do a prompt on that soon. There is someone in my family who gets so touchy when you disagree with him and quite toxic.

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