Words, words words… If only words were men, I’d be married to one (sorry Husband dear, but it’s true). I love words so much that I’m sold on anyone or anything that is worded beautifully. Needless to say, my true passions are to read and write.When I have time from being a mommy, a housemaid and a wife, I also like to bake, craft and sing. But my time and my mind are chiefly occupied by my fantasies. So this blog is about those fantasies that I’ve been looking to give vent to, those thought-provoking incidents that I’ve encountered and those words and verses that have taken me to Verseheaven.

For any queries, collaborations, reviews, or even if you just wish to get in touch with me over and above my Blog, you can mail me here with your proposals –


Join me if you share my passion for words, stories and reading…

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