Today I’ll Watch TV

Dedicated to all the homemakers and women out there.   Today I’ll watch TV, I won’t scrub the floors, Won’t do the dishes, Won’t even adhere, To Husband’s wishes, Coz today I’ll watch TV.   No, I won’t take the trash out, I won’t unlock the gates, I won’t water the plants, nay, Not even…

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Savoring the Monsoon

Drip, Drop, Plop, Skip, Jump, Hop, She follows the raindrop’s trail, Trying to catch its tail, Sliding on the rose trellis, And the balcony rail.   “Quick, Mumma, it slips away”, An upward glance she lays, On her Mother, standing guard, Over her innocent play.   The coltish mind reasons, “There’s other tails to catch”.…

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Pride and Protestations

via Daily Prompt: Protest   When my daughter turned 2, a discerning parent told me,   “Congrats, and brace yourself for the Terrible-Twos!”     I smirked at the well-wishes of a far more experienced person. I thought, so far parenting has been a breeze except meal times. I didn’t see how a number could…

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Not Talking

This doodle came about when I noticed my daughter being aloof with one of her toys. The poor toy (in this case it was a stuffed dog) was sitting by itself in a corner of the room because it wouldn’t fit into her basket (which already had some 3 other stuffed animals in it). So…

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Bedtime inventions

Like I’ve mentioned in another post onΒ the lost art of storytelling, storytelling is one of my passions and I eagerly look for opportunities to regale (more like bore) an audience with my imaginative musings. Generally its the unsuspecting house-help, or the bored husband, the reticent parents and siblings or the school friend who reached out…

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