Howling at the Moon

There you are, Up in the ether, Your flawed alabaster face, Peeking through the pillowy clouds. The pall like night, Is darker than ever, Yet your light draws me close, Like that love-struck fly, To the compelling candlelight. You’re brighter than the stars, Your silver luminescence unreal, The cool wind sighs your name in my…

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People Memes – Part 1

There are people who are helpful, then some who are not. Then some who, in the name of help, launch into a self-congratulatory monologue. Some who treat every bit of help as a mission in the Sahara. And some who help you like family, unassumingly. And then there are these… Don’t be a spectator. Help when…

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Life is What You Retain

Life isn’t about what you hoard, It’s about what you retain….  The knowledge  you gain, The memories you make, The relationships you nurture, The pains that you suffer,  And through those pains, The lessons you learn.  And while success maybe achieved,  It may be retained only by perseverance,  Because without persistent effort, Success is earned by…

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This Is Not A Love Story – Part 12

I woke up to sounds of thudding and a pounding head…. It took me a few seconds to realise that the thudding was Sushant at the other end, and that he was screaming something too which my fuzzy brain was still unable to grasp. Somewhere between frantically searching for Suhana and wailing over my foolishness, I…

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