This Is Not A Love Story – Part 10

“You’ll regret leaving me…”   She had left, Suhana, but her words and haggard face were still with me, seared in my brain, hanging on the tip of my tongue like a bitter pill that I had to swallow, that I must swallow if I was to move forward. And I did. I swallowed… I…

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This Is Not A Love Story – Part 8

You were still smiling at me…. It had gotten awkward just standing there, not doing anything. So far, whatever you had done had left me feeling emasculated. So I decided I needed to make a move, be the man. I closed in the space between us and took one stray curl of your messy hair between…

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Brother Dearest

I share a very ‘blink and you miss’ relationship with my Brother. In the sense that the love we have for each other is mostly just unexpressed, dormant. Rarely have we witnessed expositions of love, so much so that sometimes our own parents have thought us indifferent to each other. But we know we’re like…

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Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Hi Everyone, I have been challenged by fellow blogger Harlife to post three quotes for three days and select three bloggers in the course of these three days to take up the challenge. I had posted three quotes on Negative People yesterday. I’ll reveal today’s theme in a bit. But first, my thanks to Harlife who is an amazing…

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