Life is What You Retain

Life isn’t about what you hoard, It’s about what you retain….  The knowledge  you gain, The memories you make, The relationships you nurture, The pains that you suffer,  And through those pains, The lessons you learn.  And while success maybe achieved,  It may be retained only by perseverance,  Because without persistent effort, Success is earned by…

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  Instant messaging, Instant pics, Instant coffee, Instant cakes, Instant meals, Instant mails, Instant loans, Instant sales.   Instant marriage, Instant love, Instant arguments, Instant divorce, Instant life, Instant doom, Instant success, instantly fooled! Life is naught now, But a string of instant instances, Where forsaken lies, Our will to live, to strive, Convoluted stands, The meaning of time. Time’s…

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