I Abide

Ooh yes, yes, scratch me there…there…right there….yessssss….that’s it! I like it when you do that. Keep doing it, I’m loving it here! Aaaaaaahhhhh…its so nice and soothing, your hand. It smells of aftershave and coffee, smells familiar…and is that nicotine I smell too (sniff, sniff). Yes, maybe it is. I’m old you see but I…

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Daily Prompt: Disclosures in the Dark

via Daily Prompt: Subdued “Hold the candle a little higher, will you?” He looked at her sullen and swollen face, the candle light accentuating her sullenness, concurrently softening the planes and curves of her face,  bathing them in an ethereal incandescence. “Please?” he added. She responded by lifting the candle and her head higher. He peered…

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The (Im)Perfect Pair

She had always been a trainers and chappals kinda girl. Comfort ranked high in her list of reasons-to-buy-shoes. Heels and she never mixed well because those long, arduous hours of bussing tables, travelling in rickety buses and walking a mile to save a tenner could never be managed with heels on. Then again, it’s not like…

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