Life is What You Retain

Life isn’t about what you hoard, It’s about what you retain….  The knowledge  you gain, The memories you make, The relationships you nurture, The pains that you suffer,  And through those pains, The lessons you learn.  And while success maybe achieved,  It may be retained only by perseverance,  Because without persistent effort, Success is earned by…

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People and Refrigerators

I just stumbled across this meme in the a.m. today and I just had to share this with all of you.   (For once, a meme actually makes sense, rather than just making fun.)         So no matter what packaging you have on the outside, treasure the ‘stuff’ within you. Each of…

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You there… Yes, you! You, the one stalking that girl, You, the one panting over her, You, the one judging her, By the length of her hem, By the dip of her blouse.   You, the one mauling her, Like a piece of furniture, For the gifts she didn’t bring, For the gold she didn’t…

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Acts of Kindness

“Drat!”, he cursed with a feeling, even as the 6th autorickshaw denied him a ride. “What am I going to do with these?” He looked at the two 1000 Rupee bills and the lone 500 Rupee bill he had in his hand. He felt like trashing them. The night before, the Prime Minister had announced…

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