Clean Sheets

via Daily Prompt: Clean No matter how you like your sheets… Silky, Satiny, Cottony, Flannel, Polyester, Or Mixed     You can’t resist this…         I won’t say anything else…     Have a great day folks! ❤ 🙂   ©Pradita Kapahi, 2017   Image Credits:  

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Resisting Chocolate

via Daily Prompt: Resist A while back I was arguing with my husband about how I am trying my level best to lose weight, even with the time and health constraints I have. I think I’ve mentioned in this post how I had a knee injury that has left me less than whole and keeps…

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Confounded Stringy Thingies

Did you ever find yourself solving one of these puzzles –  Or ever found yourself doing this? No?! But I bet you’ve done this – Still no?! (jaw drops open) How about this, you knitter or cat person – What, still no? I don’t believe you! Don’t tell me that everyday, you don’t fight before…

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Sticky Situations – Endings and New Beginnings

She came to amid sounds of  talking. Someone had laid her on the bed. The room was alit and someone sitting beside her was fanning a newspaper over her face. “You’re an idiot! She could have a low BP issue. What if she needs hospitalization? We could all go to jail, and she could die here!”…

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Sticky Situations – Part 8

2 months later…   “Yes, I’ve shifted from there now. My new office would have been way too far from there.” She was walking back home from a little grocery shopping and an evening stroll. “Yeah…It’s been a long time since we saw each other. You should come over. My place is in Swarna Nagri,…

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Sticky Situations – Part 6

#fiction, #humor, #crime, #violence, #romance Saturday, Saturday, when will it be Saturday… She drummed her fingers on the calendar hanging on the wall. She traced the outline of the date with her finger as if it were a tangible thing. It was still only Thursday night. Saturday was still far away. Worse still, Kirat had…

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