The Thinking Girl

A Well Spent Afternoon

Hi again everyone! Yesterday had been a very busy day for me…. I kicked back, relaxed, read some, wrote some and basically had a very creative day. So you see, I was very busy indeed. Days like yesterday are a rarity, and I was determined to enjoy this one. I’m glad I did 😀 Somewhere…

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Make Your Own Luck

Hello Everyone, This is an illustration I painted yesterday. This time it’s a bunny because my daughter is affectionately called so by her Uncle and Aunt. Also because, well, don’t we all just love bunnies? They’re so soft, furry, warm and something about them just makes you want to coo and cuddle them up. But did…

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Morning Doodle: Flower Bush

Good Morning People! Here’s another quick morning doodle from yours truly.       Its a flower bush, done in watercolors and black ink. This was painted in 10 minutes flat and the ink marks were added as an afterthought. I was glad the way it turned out. May you have a merry and bright…

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Dragon flies in Monochrome

Another morning, pre-workout doodle with a single colour. The inspiration behind this piece were Chinese Ink Washes and dragonflies hovering above my fish pond. I love both of them, I mean ink washes and dragonflies. This was a quick 10 minute thing. I’m happy with the result, though of course, this doesn’t really qualify as…

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A Touch of Pink

This watercolour sketch was inspired by this artist’s work, and as you can see, the original is far, far, far superior to what I painted. But then this was an experiment for me. I’m really, really bad at watercolours, my sketches turn out better, so I’m glad that this turned out a little better than my previous disasters.…

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