This is not a Love Story – Part 14

The police aren’t giving much away but it seems that the deceased had overdosed on alcohol and drugs, as well as cut her wrists in order to commit suicide… My ears had started to ring. Overdosed? Drugs?! The deceased has also left a suicide note. However, it’s contents are not being revealed to the Public.…

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Indiblogger Calling

Hello Everyone! I’m here with a small announcement. Yours truly is registered now on Indiblogger right here. This doesn’t mean I’m exiting WP. No, no, WP is special for me. I’ll always be active here. I’ve registered on Indiblogger only so that I may increase my reach. However, the WP platform will always be where…

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This Is Not A Love Story – Part 13

“Suhana’s dead… and I’m at the police Station.” It knocked the wind out of you. Your next words were babble, half-formed, incoherent thoughts that reflected the state of confusion you were in, “You din… impossib… Oh my God! No…” “Pihu, I didn’t do it! She committed suicide… Listen, I really can’t talk now. They’ve brought…

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This Is Not A Love Story – Part 12

I woke up to sounds of thudding and a pounding head…. It took me a few seconds to realise that the thudding was Sushant at the other end, and that he was screaming something too which my fuzzy brain was still unable to grasp. Somewhere between frantically searching for Suhana and wailing over my foolishness, I…

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This Is Not a Love Story – Part 11

Her father’s number was flashing on my screen… I didn’t want to take this call. I didn’t want to at all. What did he want from me now? Why call me when he knew I had left her? I knew why, of course. He would blame her leaving home on me and call me names.…

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