An Education

  An Education is The only tool That really makes us Better than beasts.   For dolphins have better brains, And they, dogs and cats, And monkeys maybe trained, Yet not educated.   An Education is not Learning how to earn. Its how to cultivate your mind, To be a good human being. Its not…

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Guest Post – Day 4: The Oddities of Religion

The Oddities Of Religion by Bloggeray Blog –Β Musingsite   Religion, belief, identity. Could be mere words, could be potential explosives. The major religions of the World – Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism among others — all have their holy books. They have ideas that guide their followers to tread a certain path. The problem is that…

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The First 500 and Invitation to Guest Post

So, last night WP sent me this message     YAAAAAY! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€   Yes, that’s how I feel, in Capitals no less. I feel ecstatic, loved, inspired and motivated that this small venture has grown into a place for 500 kindred souls to come together and rendezvous on topics ranging from books to,…

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