This is not a Love Story – Part 14

The police aren’t giving much away but it seems that the deceased had overdosed on alcohol and drugs, as well as cut her wrists in order to commit suicide… My ears had started to ring. Overdosed? Drugs?! The deceased has also left a suicide note. However, it’s contents are not being revealed to the Public.…

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This Is Not A Love Story – Part 13

“Suhana’s dead… and I’m at the police Station.” It knocked the wind out of you. Your next words were babble, half-formed, incoherent thoughts that reflected the state of confusion you were in, “You din… impossib… Oh my God! No…” “Pihu, I didn’t do it! She committed suicide… Listen, I really can’t talk now. They’ve brought…

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This Is Not A Love Story – Part 5

The tepid warmth from slatted sunbeams on my face woke me up. There is a sweet moment of disillusionment when one wakes up from deep sleep. The mind takes some time to recall, collect itself, wake up, even though the eyes have already woken up to the world. I was savouring that moment. For several…

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This is Not A Love Story – Part 4

I watched your retreating form in sullen silence.   Part of me wanted to run after you, grab you by the hand, and demand your number and a promise from you to meet up again. But I told that part of me to shut up. When I couldn’t even establish the prerequisites of an acquaintance…

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