This Is Not a Love Story – Part 11

Her father’s number was flashing on my screen… I didn’t want to take this call. I didn’t want to at all. What did he want from me now? Why call me when he knew I had left her? I knew why, of course. He would blame her leaving home on me and call me names.…

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This is Not a Love Story – Part 2

You hung up. Finally! Took forever. I couldn’t wait to start a conversation. So I lowered my voice a notch to make it sound butter smooth, yet gravelly. I wanted to make an impression, see? I mumbled, “So how’re you doing today?”, a little too close to your ear, and you instinctively leaned back towards…

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Sticky Situations – Endings and New Beginnings

She came to amid sounds of  talking. Someone had laid her on the bed. The room was alit and someone sitting beside her was fanning a newspaper over her face. “You’re an idiot! She could have a low BP issue. What if she needs hospitalization? We could all go to jail, and she could die here!”…

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Sticky Situations – Part 6

#fiction, #humor, #crime, #violence, #romance Saturday, Saturday, when will it be Saturday… She drummed her fingers on the calendar hanging on the wall. She traced the outline of the date with her finger as if it were a tangible thing. It was still only Thursday night. Saturday was still far away. Worse still, Kirat had…

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Sticky Situations – Part 5

#fiction, #love, #humor  Work, that day, was a breeze. She was glad she wrapped up everything early because she had the interview-of-a-lifetime next day. Besides, she wasn’t able to concentrate, what with her head full of Kirat. Why isn’t he calling? He said he would. Checking her phone every 5 minutes had become an annoying habit.…

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Sticky Situations – Part 2

This is the story of two neighbours who don’t see eye to eye. The guy next door is the devil incarnate and first impressions were not impressive. He and his escapades leave Trishna gasping. When she confronts him, she is left with sticky notes proclaiming that he doesn’t give a damn. Read the first part…

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