Hello Everyone! So it’s been sometime since I wrote my last post – two days. That’s not very long ago, granted, and I wouldn’t have been writing this but for the recent spate of bad luck that has messed up my schedule a bit. It invariably means that my posts will get held up some…

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We Made A Home

We made a home, You and I, We made love therein, You and I, We made our children then, You and I, We made memories for them, You and I.     We paid the mortgages off, You and I, We taught them all, You and I, We soothed their hurt knees, You and I,…

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A Lament on Loss of Days Gone By

When I woke up this morning and went about doing my business, one of which is to check my Facebook account, I had a mild surprise awaiting me. Facebook threw up picture of me and my husband from 4 years ago, asking me to share it with my friends. It was a sweet memory of…

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