When will you, Take that walk, To the coffeeshop, Where each day, She awaits, Book in hand,  Hope in her heart, Only to be Crestfallen by the end Of another day That has passed? _______________ _______________ When will you, Offer that box of Nougats, Or tin of cookies, And sit by her side While you…

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My Darling Crook

It’s that something, In your eyes, That something, In your smile, That naughty something, In the twitch of your nose, In that tilt of your lips.   That something in, The way my name, Rolls through your, Velvet tongue, Rests on the cusp, Of your soft, Dewey lips.   It’s that something, In your presence,…

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Howling at the Moon

There you are, Up in the ether, Your flawed alabaster face, Peeking through the pillowy clouds. The pall like night, Is darker than ever, Yet your light draws me close, Like that love-struck fly, To the compelling candlelight. You’re brighter than the stars, Your silver luminescence unreal, The cool wind sighs your name in my…

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  Instant messaging, Instant pics, Instant coffee, Instant cakes, Instant meals, Instant mails, Instant loans, Instant sales.   Instant marriage, Instant love, Instant arguments, Instant divorce, Instant life, Instant doom, Instant success, instantly fooled! Life is naught now, But a string of instant instances, Where forsaken lies, Our will to live, to strive, Convoluted stands, The meaning of time. Time’s…

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Today I’ll Watch TV

Dedicated to all the homemakers and women out there.   Today I’ll watch TV, I won’t scrub the floors, Won’t do the dishes, Won’t even adhere, To Husband’s wishes, Coz today I’ll watch TV.   No, I won’t take the trash out, I won’t unlock the gates, I won’t water the plants, nay, Not even…

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You there… Yes, you! You, the one stalking that girl, You, the one panting over her, You, the one judging her, By the length of her hem, By the dip of her blouse.   You, the one mauling her, Like a piece of furniture, For the gifts she didn’t bring, For the gold she didn’t…

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