Sticky Situations – Part 6

#fiction, #humor, #crime, #violence, #romance Saturday, Saturday, when will it be Saturday… She drummed her fingers on the calendar hanging on the wall. She traced the outline of the date with her finger as if it were a tangible thing. It was still only Thursday night. Saturday was still far away. Worse still, Kirat had…

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Sticky Situations – Part 5

#fiction, #love, #humor  Work, that day, was a breeze. She was glad she wrapped up everything early because she had the interview-of-a-lifetime next day. Besides, she wasn’t able to concentrate, what with her head full of Kirat. Why isn’t he calling? He said he would. Checking her phone every 5 minutes had become an annoying habit.…

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Sticky Situations – Part 4

Sunday was gloomy. For the first time she wished Hairy Chest would do something because it was awfully quiet. But he wasn’t back. The lock on his door told her so. Monday was equally gloomy, and wet. It rained relentlessly, as if the weather gods had left the tap running. The unusual downpour had flooded the…

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Sticky Situations – Part 3

This is the story of two neighbours who don’t see eye to eye. The next door neighbour is an uncouth libertine and our protagonist has already had a nasty showdown with him. Post-it notes are exchanged as the only ‘civil’ form of conversation between them. Read the first and second parts of the story here and…

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Sticky Situations – Part 2

This is the story of two neighbours who don’t see eye to eye. The guy next door is the devil incarnate and first impressions were not impressive. He and his escapades leave Trishna gasping. When she confronts him, she is left with sticky notes proclaiming that he doesn’t give a damn. Read the first part…

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