Instant messaging, Instant pics, Instant coffee, Instant cakes, Instant meals, Instant mails, Instant loans, Instant sales.   Instant marriage, Instant love, Instant arguments, Instant divorce, Instant life, Instant doom, Instant success, instantly fooled! Life is naught now, But a string of instant instances, Where forsaken lies, Our will to live, to strive, Convoluted stands, The meaning of time. Time’s…

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Today I’ll Watch TV

Dedicated to all the homemakers and women out there.   Today I’ll watch TV, I won’t scrub the floors, Won’t do the dishes, Won’t even adhere, To Husband’s wishes, Coz today I’ll watch TV.   No, I won’t take the trash out, I won’t unlock the gates, I won’t water the plants, nay, Not even…

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Morning Tea

Morning beckons,  The kettle is on,  I retrieve the lemongrass,  Ginger and peppercorns.   You nudge me in the side,  An excuse to tickle and touch,  I give you a knowing smile,  The brew simmers,  For there’s no rush.    A hint of Darjeeling, A touch of sugar, As I turn off the kettle, Your wink…

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Savoring the Monsoon

Drip, Drop, Plop, Skip, Jump, Hop, She follows the raindrop’s trail, Trying to catch its tail, Sliding on the rose trellis, And the balcony rail.   “Quick, Mumma, it slips away”, An upward glance she lays, On her Mother, standing guard, Over her innocent play.   The coltish mind reasons, “There’s other tails to catch”.…

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Shower Memes

 That crappy moment when it’s freezing outside,   you’re taking a shower, and suddenly, the water turns cold!!            I’m the first one… Which one are you?    Happy Showering, folks!   Pradita Kapahi, 2017    

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Happiness Is…

Happiness is weird. It comes in weird forms. Sometimes it’s as simple as your baby’s first steps, sometimes as complicated as a surge in the stocks, and sometimes it’s downright silly, like being rewarded with a lick on the face by your favourite pet. Today happiness came to me in the form of a simple…

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