Today I’ll Watch TV

Dedicated to all the homemakers and women out there.   Today I’ll watch TV, I won’t scrub the floors, Won’t do the dishes, Won’t even adhere, To Husband’s wishes, Coz today I’ll watch TV.   No, I won’t take the trash out, I won’t unlock the gates, I won’t water the plants, nay, Not even…

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An Apology to Men, from a Woman

Have you ever had an experience where you, or someone you know, has reacted in a situation purely because of a stereotype you or they may have created about a certain person, or a certain kind of people? Have you ever judged anyone, not by their own actions, but by the prevailing atmosphere surrounding such…

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Fear of the Road: Street Harassment

Hello Everyone, We have in the past few days witnessed a series of unfortunate events occurring in India that have put us to shame the world over. And I will not be wrong, I think, in pointing out that this isn’t the first time that the roads in India or one entire gender in India…

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  Red was the color I wore on our day, Red on my body, Red on my forehead, Red, was the color of your lust that first night, When Red trickled forth from between my thighs,     Red too was the color, I ken, When your hand would strike my conscience, my body, my face, And…

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